'Open The Door' Collaboration

Dreams to Reality Productions is developing 'Open the door' into a robust and energetic screen play featuring a full orchestra, contemporary dance and elements of impact theatre to weave this legend on the loom of our imagination into a timeless saga for generations to come.

The Production plan to have a series of shows in theatres around Europe starting in the Netherlands- one of which one will be recorded by a film crew, produced into short film and distributed for film festivals.

Currently in the exciting process of putting together an ambitious team of like minded creatives and individuals to make this dream a reality.

Please checkout the website below for more info!!

Oil paintings by Amanda Forward inspired by each part of the 9 part story, 'Open The Door'.


‘The Wayfaring Pilgrim’


24 x 20 inch

Oil on canvas, soft pastel

I wanted to create a sense of “wander” and “wonder”,

to be grateful for the known and all her lessons, but curious and ready for the unknown and possibility.                                         


1. The Door (Part One of the story)

The Boy Travelled far in the land of the known, and by chance found a way that was not usual.

This new path before him signalled by a single door, intrigues him.

“There is no choice”, he says to himself,

“I must go through the door”.


‘Edges Within’


24 x 20 inch

Oil on canvas, soft pastel


I felt as though there was nothing I could

have painted more symbolic than the eye.

During the creation of this piece, it’s all I saw.

Like the abyss, immeasurably deep,

and perception is always from the inside.


Sometimes you can look so far into someone’s eyes

and fall so deep into the chasm!

It really is the window, or perhaps the door.

I caught my one year old daughter a little too late with a paint brush, but I decided, with all her wisdom, it added value to the piece.

2. Abyss (part two)

He opens the door and peers inside, silently committed; he walks through the doorway. A peculiar coldness grips him by the shoulder.

A dim light dissolves the dark form. Subtle echoes drip into the distant deep. And the edges of the abyss become visible.




24 x 20 inch

Oil on canvas

To capture something so profound, as to witness an expansion, or a leap into the unknown.

I thought to keep a most simple expression; it would be a disservice to myself and you to try overdress something so beautiful.


3. Fall (part three)

After staring into the Abyss for a time and resolved never to return to the land of the known, the boy takes a running leap and dives directly into the bowels of the deep. The rising wind shakes and rattles every cell in his body. This consistent apocalypse encloses

around him.

He falls,

And he falls,

And he falls.


‘To The Fibres Of My Soul’


24 x 20 inch

Oil on canvas

What a unique experience, to try figure out what the feeling of bliss looks like, again I close my eyes, and see the back of my retina, yes, the back of the eye containig cells sensitive to light, they trigger nerve impulses.

I’m half obsessed with the concept that everything is a parable for something else. As in, even in formation the eye or perception sheds light on where exactly we can reach. The eye within, a container, an ocean of light.


4. Ocean Of Light (part four)

As the boy’s mind adjusts to his new situation, he becomes aware of his body being caressed by an infinite ocean of negative light.

He spreads his arms and floats on the water’s surface. A feeling of bliss, joy and mystery flood the hidden parts of his soul.


‘Dancing hues’


24 x 20 inch

Oil and pastel on canvas


This painting is 2 or even 3 times heavier than what it was, layer upon layer.

The ocean is strong, the horizon and forest are one, in nature and in concept.


5.Shifting Shores (part five)

A pink hue surfaces the distant horizon, shifting shores erect from the water’s edge and turn a pale yellow. Trees lay their shadow on the soft dew ridden sand. An elegant forest rises to meet him.




24 x 20 inch

Oil on canvas, soft pastels

When I think about a caravan of nomads, they look very different once through the door, almost like they were a part of the trees and spoke in a language that you couldn’t hear, but instead could feel… and even see.  


6. Nomad Caravan (part six)                    Deep in the forest, the boy finds a caravan of nomads. They are dancing, singing, and playing around a campfire.  As he walks up to them and they pay him little notice absorbed in their chant. A kind man invites the boy to join him around the fire in the inner circle. Over a pot of mint tea, newly befriended, they converse into the morning.


‘As Above, So Below’


24 x 20 inch 

Oil on canvas

The spinning top seemed to be coming in hot, I hardly had a say in the matter, there is strong relationship between the physics and geometry of this object... and I love it. 

The dendritic pattern of your veins and nerve cells is mirrored in the rivers and trees. 

The axis of Sanity can be a good start to explore the philosophies of what is.


7. Axis Of Sanity (part seven)

As the travellers talk, they broach a curious subject of which the kind man is all too aware. The Axis of Sanity, the decision to decide on what is.

A foundation from which to grow roots and branches and leaves and by which to commit.




24 x 20 inch

Oil on canvas, soft pastels

In a moment, where there is no time.

A moment for choice and a moment for belief.

I wanted to paint the same crane but 4 different versions.


8. Dare (part eight)

Refreshed and energized from the day’s conversation, He bids his new friend adieu and sets his mind to a new task.

Step by step he climbs the tallest tree in the forest. Nearing its peak, he spies a majestic crane gliding effortlessly above him. Consumed by a single idea, he leaps into the sky.




24 x 20 inch

Oil on canvas, soft pastels                                                        

With a little heat the wind thrusts and expands! Movement towards something.

Something unknown.


9. Blue, Blue Sky (part 9)

The blue, blue sky billows with a thousand rippling streams of soaring silver silk. Waving his arms, he brushes the silk with his fingertips.

Higher and higher he goes. Up out and over. Higher and higher he goes. Into the nothing.

Away from what is known.