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Who am I.


My life in the arts industry began in 2017.

I arrived in Israel, a construction diver by trade, my plan was to work for the year north of Tel Aviv, in a place called Haifa… After meeting with the company, a requirement was to become a contractor in alignment with my visa to meet the standards, this mission outweighed the benefits.

So, I decided to fall back on my creative outlet to make the most of my time.

Art is my voice, having a whole year in Israel to focus on who I am.. and who I could be, was quite the notion!

By the end of the year, I was surprisingly a part of an edgy arts community in Old Jaffa, (think underground Berlin), and actually managed to hold a curated solo exhibition ‘Inside Out’.

This kicked off my position in the world of Art.

Most of my life I've felt like an artist, always in the arts community, drawing , painting. writing and playing music, also known as ‘The Croc Tooth Woman’ around Broome and Darwin, with my handmade croc tooth, pearl featured necklaces, I’d have markets stalls on the weekend between working underwater in the Kimberley and Darwin.

Water is a strong muse, more than 15 years in the marine industry, pearl diving up 80 mile beach, aquaculture diving and working underwater as a commercial hard hat diver.

I love the lifestyle, the adventure and challenges.

An avid motorcycle tourer, I've travelled solo around Australia. These moments are all a big inspiration for my creative process. An adventurer by heart.


Since my fiery baptism in the art world, I found that Exhibitions are where it's at... a time where I spend months cultivating a space.

A space where everyday people come into that space and are thrust into what I want to throw at them! Very sneaky indeed!

There is so much power in moments. So much so, I’ve developed into an intuitive painter, focusing on the fine balance between planning and execution.

Meditating on ideas to which I would then sink into each brush stroke, a cornucopia of creative magic happens here.

Deeply passionate about story, anthropology, sociology and the more philosophical traits of life, I love talking about ancient history and metaphysics, how we, a part of community can find ourselves in each other, empathy and understanding. What and how we give rather then what we take.

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