Amanda Forward

Australian born, Forward's objective is to experience and develop a deep relationship with the creative mind, to learn and find connection... whether through thought or action.
From expression to growth, how the process can be in direct correlation with the final impression of the viewer.
Comparable to a song, how your experience finds connection and further conditions your mind to adhere to reality... to truth.

Sometimes quite conceptual, Forward's work reflects symbolic form embodied in a contemporary landscape.
Intention to marry the actual process with aesthetic, we find ourselves developing a sense of enlightenment, whether in the form of curiosity, joy, connection or fall into a deep void of confusion, it is true to purpose. 

Forward's muse, with a few exceptions, is the environment around her and philosophy, of which carry stories and experiences to the studio. With a perpetual passion for adventure and knowledge, she draws inspiration at ease with enough left over for sculpture, mix media and song writing.

Language use inspired by some of the most renowned revolutionaries, the exalted Salvador Dali and Egon Schiele, influence concept and form, whilst Norwegian artist Henrik Uldalen created the moody monster in Forward's earlier works, dreamlike and soft, yet heavy and thick, she layers with oil paint and emotion.

Later, blossoming from the inside out, we see a development with abstract and loose brush strokes in conjunction with form.
Australian abstract artist Jo Davenport, whose intuitive paintings create emotion through landscape, uses journey with deep intention of colour; this inspires Forward to feel grounded, as she believes that nature "holds the greatest wisdom for life".
Moreover, with a deep love for the ocean, land and culture, Forward also blends her interpretation of the Indigenous Australian art style, which seems to embody everything her work stands for, process, creation, story, symbology and connection, to name afew.

In contrast, or infact to "balance", the discovery of Wendy Sharpe inspires wings as Forward currently travels the world to greater her experience, push boundaries and grow.

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