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Community works and Exhibitions

2022 Margaret River Region, The Witch And The Windmill, 2 x Ticketed                                    Exhibition/Music events.

2022 Geraldton, Represented by Inspired Breaks Gallery

2 0 2 1  East Fremantle, Co Lab On George, Solo Exhibition, 'Fortitude And Valour'.

2021 Darlington, Darlington Arts Festival


2 0 2 1  Fremantle, Represented by The Artisan Store Fremantle.

2020 Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay, Stay Golden, Solo Exhibition, 'Still Life'.

2020 Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay and Whisky Point community market events.

2020 Fremantle, Fibonacci Centre, Solo Exhibition, 'Controlled Chaos'.

2019 Fremantle, Fibonacci Centre, Event, live painting performance, oil on glass.

2019 Fremantle, The Swan's Nest, Group Exhibition, live painting performance.

2018 Fremantle, The Swan's Nest, Group Exhibition

2018 Perth, Curation of  cv & bio – domenico de clario 

2018 Perth, Group Exhibition, Elizabeths Bookshop Basement.

2018 Margaret River, Community Markets

2017 Israel, Jaffa, The Cuckoo's Nest Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition,'Inside Out'.

2017 Israel, Event, Painting donations - The School House, education for refugees and             asylum seekers.

2016 Darwin, Daly Street Gallery.

2016-2013 Darwin, Community Markets events, Parap and Mindel Beach Market.

2013-2008 Broome, Courthouse Markets, arts and craft stall.

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