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Works In The Pilbra

Paintings for sale which were created in Karratha region.

If interested in any paintings please contact here.

'Sacred Yarn'


60x40cm Varnished

Framed, acrylic and oil pastel

During a visit to the beautiful Burrup Pennisula, Ngajarli, I was enjoying the company of ancient rock carvings in the soft rain, just beyond the wallabi etching stood a living wallabi, watching on, regal standing tall on the rock skyline.

It was just so beautiful, I really did feel like I was in the presence of something special.

I was lucky enough to capture a photograph.

Please check out the home page.

'Flower Of Blood'

$420 SOLD

70x40cm varnished

Acrylic and oil pastel

Deeply rooted in the past, a flower with such strong significance, a reminder, to listen to that still, small voice within, the song spirits of our intuition. 

A flower for grief, emotional pain and deep hurt, she teaches us to let go, triggers us into healthy grieving and sadness.

A truly beautiful embodiment.




70x40cm Vanished

Heavy layers acrylic and oil pastel

Everyday I would see this cheeky Miner fluttering about the budgie cage outside... I liked him, by the time I decided to take a photo of him, he disappeared for 4 days, then I finally saw him around the property, I would run inside grab the camera, run out and try chase him. 

Is this what I do with my time?! Chase a common introduced pest? Bird watching from my doorstep?

Another couple days passed and I got the bugger, first he was hanging upsidedown on the banana fruit stalk, then on the fence, I like the way he finally decided to really look at me.

The white oil pastel scribble represents his flight path. And me aimlessly chasing not far behind.

snake art.jpg




Acrylic, desert rose seed filaments

An ancient symbol, the end and the beginning, a powerful and eternal union.

Oil paintings for sale which have travelled to Karratha with me.

If interested in any works or learn more please contact here :)

'Go Flamin'


Oil on loose canvas

51x42cm with frame

This painting is apart of 'Still Life', a series of oil paintings focusing on reality in the present.

Taking a deeper look at "time", how there is movement in stillness and the direct unity with its surrounding environment.

A flock of flamingos spontaneously take flight in unity.

Created whilst in SriLanka for 8 months 2020

'Breach Of Fresh Air'

Oil and aerosoles on canvas


120x100cm Black wooden frame

A symbol of release! Letting go, enjoying the flow. 

A celebration of life.





Oil on canvas

Woman, how beautiful and powerful you are in your glory.

A tribute to the Femine and her relationship with the waters of life.

'Let's Sea'


51x41cm Framed

Oil on canvas

Tribute II

Woman, how beautiful and powerful you are in your glory.

A tribute to the Femine and her relationship with the waters of life.

'9 Friends 1 Foe'


Oil on canvas

42x35cm with frame




Oil on canvas

Hardwood Frame


Layers Of A Cityscape'



Oil on canvas

How our society has developed.. and why.
Here is my city, from caves, huts, pyramids of all sorts, to houses and sky high apartments and buildings.

 A unique and interesting evolution of society.. Home.


'Kiss Me 8 Times'


Oil on canvas

42x35cm with frame


'Wandering Eye'


Oil on loose canvas

51x42cm with frame

I am curious, you are curious, a born explorer fascinated with all the facets of this world.



Oil on canvas


Lore for the layman, philosophies through parable, history caked with thick oils, ambrosia and the more post modern gin an tonic.

Aphrodite, where beauty was born from quite a grotesque act, Greek mythology makes no apology for exciting tales.

as Gaia her Mother, so we are born from beauty herself.


'Knowledge Dispels Fear'


Oil and aerosoles on canvas

120x100cms Black wooden frame

From one of my very first series,

'Big Blue Discovery Channel', you can check out in 'Early Artworks'.

We welcome a surreal scene, abit of a battle, perhaps the trail of a relationship; a relatioship between man and knowledge...

Ideas on the importance of how we obtain knowledge.

This is a visual Ode to the difference in the never ending stream of information and how we get there.. wisdom.

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