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I love story time!

My history behind the camera consists of GoPro moments travelling, diving and riding, Im the 'go to' for the family holiday movies or mini films made with Zali adventures.

I see myself as a bit of a wannabe adventurer, always dreaming to be sponsored by Nat Geo or behind the lens creating content for an incredible expedition, from the darkest to the most brightest places on earth... and beyond.

With all that said, being able to taste every drop that life has to offer is my method of madness, I just like learning and creating, whatever form or medium that takes. Always curious.

So these short films, little movies are filled with content that I found fun or interesting, they may be an expression of an experience I had, or they may be a story, perhaps even an insight or thought provoking. 

Please checkout the videos below, make sure you watch them in HD for the best quality :)

And ofcourse, reach out if you would like a quote on a video. 

Fun expeditions! 
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