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Our 4 months is Karratha is closing in! Time, an elusion,/

A King Brown catching a snack underwater, a rare sight im so grateful to have witnessed in action.

A King Brown catching a snack underwater, a rare sight, I'm so grateful to have witnessed in action.

...PROJECTS &                  EXHIBITIONS

OPEN THE DOOR Exhibition


Please Click here to explore more about the project and Open The Door paintings.

Open The Door

Part 2 of 9

The last event created was a collaboration with Monty Cash,

in Witchcliffe, Margaret River region.

All 9 oil paintings were made whilst travelling in our caravan, it was a challanging and wonderful journey on all the angles. The collaboration will forever be etched into my heart. For the lessons I have learnt and love I have felt will never leave me.

'The Bones Of My Flesh'   EXHIBITION

By Amanda Forward

History, ancestry, archetypes, astrology, social & cultural evolution... your evolution.

Why are you and how are you... you.

I want to explore the reasons we are the way we are, and also how healing comes from the deepest parts of us. 

The roots.

'As above, so below', I have been meditating on this phrase for some time. I believe it's one of the most powerful notions... a philosophy which runs parallel with balance.

I'm in no rush with this exhibition, it's taking me on abit of a journey, reach out if you would like to colaborate.

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