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Updated 8/10

Proud to have worn in my studio to ground the past few months, late nights and midday madness.

I feel asthough my creative endeavors are really kicking up a notch. After years of hanging on to ideals and industry scheming, I finally let go of shallow intention, only to flourish and feel more fulfilled! 

I have so much to say and feel immensely passionate, only to finally feel like I don't need to say anything at all... it's a nice feeling. It gives me so much room to create from a very authentic place and emerge with a stronger voice. 


Cossack Conversations

By Amanda Forward

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Cossack Art Awards is a prestigious art prize based in the Pilbara.

Nationally recognized with some incredible judges and a 20k Grandprize. I was so elated to have my entry piece awarded the"Highly Commended", check out the judges comments below. Grateful the piece has since been sold.


Judges Highly Commended 

'The judges could empathise with the artist perspective while
appreciating the simplicity and deliberation within the

The narrative shared by the artist, closely reflected
themes drawing back to the circle of life, put into a real-world
experience. They admired the artists skilled mark-making,
layering, and scratching techniques, which all blend

The artwork allows one to witness the artist

subconscious expressions on the canvas.



Over the past few years, I have spent most of my creative energy on the road, whether the year overseas during covid with my oil paints and rolls of canvas or travelling in our caravan with baby Zali, I successfully managed to hold solo exhibitions, collaborative shows, many art awards and festivals. 

I loved each moment and felt like I cultivated special creative wisdom along the way, but now is the time for a new chapter!

We bought our first home, a little tropical paradise a skip-hop away from the sea, my favorite place.

My partner Jake Drage, the prodigal son returning to his hometown of Geraldton and bringing us with him. I truly love it here, frequently visiting over the years has finally worn us in, for the first time in a long time I can breathe in my very own creative space, my home studio, a place I can dive into and not have to leave.

This space will be a multidisciplinary space, I will make film, write, compose music, sculpt, paint, play, philosophize, build, upcycle, recycle, read, learn, heal; myself and others and most of all, create in Peace, whatever form that presents.

My first project in the new space is an adventure film for an incredible weekend event by 'Adventurethon'. 

Please stay tuned for the film, it has since been finished but not publicly published.

Checkout the sneak peak video below.

Check out Leane's Trench. This replica is from the Gallipolli war, 30 minutes drive inland from Geraldton town!

...PROJECTS &                  EXHIBITIONS

OPEN THE DOOR Exhibition


Open The Door

Part 2 of 9

The last event created was a collaboration with Musician and storyteller Monty Cash

in Witchcliffe, Margaret River region.

All 9 oil paintings were made whilst travelling in our caravan, it was a challanging and wonderful journey on all the angles. The collaboration will forever be etched into my heart. For the lessons I have learnt and love I have felt will never leave me.

Please Click here to explore more about the project and view the 9 Open The Door paintings.

'The Bones Of My Flesh'   EXHIBITION

By Amanda Forward

History, ancestry, archetypes, astrology, social & cultural evolution... your evolution.

Why are you and how are you... you.

I want to explore the reasons we are the way we are, and also how healing comes from the deepest parts of us. 

The roots.

'As above, so below', I have been meditating on this phrase for some time. I believe it's one of the most powerful notions... a philosophy which runs parallel with balance.

I'm in no rush with this exhibition, it's taking me on abit of a journey, reach out if you would like to colaborate.

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