We created a show! It was definitely abit of work, but managed to pull it off!
It was such a beautiful couple of nights, I met incredible people and made some special connections.

Huge shout out to Margaret River Brewhouse and Iliya Hastings for your sponsorship and support towards the arts and music community.
A massive thankyou to Monty Cash for your ascending bone vibrational music.

Collaborating with you on this amazing project has been a blast.
We learnt so much about one another and ourselves. You did an amazing job as expected, just so excited for your production company and future ventures.
Megan Read QQuality with two capitals. Add Curator to your resume now you little minx.

Thanks for being a stella door women and beyond, also a sues-chef, great food formations.
To Kirsty for your next level sculpture creations, they lifted the exhibition up a notch.
You were fantastic behind the bar keeping up with the demands of myself and the people, you're amazing.

Sam Caruso, I have no words for the building, this man transformed an old heritage general store into the most breathtaking creation.
His craftsmanship and immaculate detail throughout the place is insane.
For the love of art and community, this man is keeping raw quality, handmade and carved out architecture alive and we were so lucky have been the first to have a live show performance and event here, the venue is 10 years in the making, we are just so grateful.

Thanks to everyone who came! It was quite important to us, we put so much energy into it, always tough for artists to put themselves out there. But we would do it all over again.

Photo credit : @hsusean
Ovis Creative we won't be forgetting your photography skills, the Southwest is lucky to have you!

To learn more about the story and collaborating artists please check out

Photos from the 'Open The Door' Event

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...PROJECTS &                  EXHIBITIONS


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Open The Door

Part 1 of 9

'Open the Door' began as a simple story to accompany a nine part musical score. As the project developed, the incredible creators became aware of it's scope and instead, the music became the accompaniment to the story.

I am so grateful to be apart of this collaboration in the form of 9 abstract oil paintings. I have been submersing myself into the music and story, feeling my way through the experience with brush in hand.

'Flesh And Bones' EXHIBITION

By Amanda Forward

History, ancestry, cause and effect, lineage, archetypes, astrology, social evolution, cultural evolution... your evolution.

Why are you and how are you.