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Updated 24/4/24

Afew wee projects ahead, I'm making a scultpure for the annual Flotsam And Jetsam Exhibition, a fantastic initiative to use collected rubbish from the Abrolhos Islands and make an art piece. Mine is 1.9cms tall, i have my work cut out for me and a 2 week deadline... oh dear.

Kalbarri Lights Up event runs over the June long weekend, boom, I've pressured myself to make fish! Lots of fish... a school!

With a fascination for lantern type sculptures, I see this as a great way to showcase some serious skillz.

This upcoming Saturday I will be hauling afew sculptured fish frames to a festival on saturday, bit of an arts and crafts colab with the kids :)

GROUP EXHIBITION ALERT ... Jessica Vagg... do I need to say more.


'The Map Of A Garden', inspired by a gardener who would always search for faces in trees.

My latest Exhibition. A love for all things nature, I bury my hands into the earth and look

closely at the little personalities in the garden. 

The Sunflower Studio, Geraldton, presented 18 artworks for 5 weeks.

My late father was a heavy driving force for the inspiration, gifting me lots of creative moments in the studio and now I get to sit back and relish in the aftermath.

Please take your time and enjoy some fun uplifting colour... and I implore you to go for a nice afternoon stroll to search for the faces in trees.

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Excited to be filming the amazing weekend again in JUNE 2024!

Check out the adventure videos below... and why not sign up ;)

'The Bones Of My Flesh'   EXHIBITION

By Amanda Forward

History, ancestry, archetypes, astrology, social & cultural evolution... your evolution.

Why are you and how are you... you.

I want to explore the reasons we are the way we are, and also how healing comes from the deepest parts of us. 

The roots.

'As above, so below', I have been meditating on this phrase for some time. I believe it's one of the most powerful notions... a philosophy which runs parallel with balance.

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